Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors Smith talked to us about years of sexual abuse from her former swimming coach. She says she decided to finally tell her story because she couldn’t “begin to fully heal” until she told her truth.

The organizers of the Women's March NYC reflect back on the first year of the Trump presidency and what new issues they are marching for. 

The PBR Bull riding comes to the Big Apple. The top 35 bull riders from around the world converged on Madison Square Garden this weekend for the Professional Bull Riders Monster Energy Buck Off.

Sherron Page learned her 4-year-old son, Kyan, had tested positive for an alarmingly high blood-lead level due to conditions in her NYCHA home. Since then it came out that Mayor de Blasio knew about the conditions and that NYCHA was in violation of a local law and a federal regulation requiring annual inspections for lead paint.

Thousands of revelers bring in 2018 at Times Square the historic site of New Year's eve celebration for over 100 years.

The secret to a perfect relationship: cosplay. Or at least that’s the case for Becka Noel and Dhareza Maramis. The two have been cosplaying together at conventions all around the country for nearly six years now. And this year the couple invited the New York Daily News to see how two of the Internet's famous cosplayers get ready for New York Comic Con. This year's costumes include a gender bent Wonder Woman and Superman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman and Iron Fist.

Section 27 at Holy Rood Cemetery in Westbury is full. There are 125 graves for unwanted babies found dead. One baby was put to rest this past winter. Timothy Jaccard, a retired Ambulance Medical Technician on Long Island, started the AMT Children of Hope Foundation in 1998 after he responded to multiple calls of dead infants. Now the organization works to help expected mothers with nowhere else to go.

She’s turning 90, but the Cyclone at Coney Island doesn’t look a day over 25. Meet Luna Park’s celebrated roller coaster, and the frenzied fanatics who ride her day after day. The hallowed amusement park ride celebrated 90 years of thrills, chills and ups and downs.

Gustavo and Ksenia are a couple, they are naturalists, they are New Yorkers and they lended their bodies as canvases for this year’s annual bodypainting day in Washington Square Park. The two say doing this helps their marriage and adds a spice to the relationship.

Seven hundred workers forced off their jobs at Momentive, a chemical plant in Upstate New York, partially-owned until recently by Trump’s billionaire “job czar”, want the President to make their lives great again. And that’s why many of them voted for him. But now some hold out hope that Trump and Stephen Schwarzman will help 'Make America Great Again'.

The Second Ave. Subway extension of the Q train is set to open in just a few weeks and Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave the New York Daily News a sneak preview behind the curtain at the brand new 86th Street station.

This reimagined holiday classic screams Brooklyn. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker gets infused with hip-hop and a pinch of Kings county Culture in this new production by the Brooklyn Ballet.

The Sesame Street characters Elmo and Count von Count visit the offices of the New York Daily News and learn about newspapers.

A group of tongue-in-cheek protesters poked some fun at Kellyanne Conway at the Bowling Green subway station in New York City to 'never remember, always forget' the fictional massacre at Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Brock Allen Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in the rape of woman at Stanford University. But he shows leniency and was only sentenced to six months in county jail and probation.

Stan Lee wrapped up the last day of his final New York Comic Con this year and spent those last moments with Ethan Sacks of the Daily News to discuss his new projects, his long career and his new outreach to bridge across the racial divide in the United States dubbed Hands of Respect.

We took to the Staten Island Ferry terminal to ask Trump supporters if they thought The Donald interrupted Clinton too many times during the debate.

This all-nude all-female performance of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” is Miranda McCauley’s first nude performance. The 30-year-old actress plays Gonzalo, in Shakespeare’s original text an old man, in The Torn Out Theater production that aims to celebrate the female body form and normalize nudity.

Shyvonne Sanganoo is a New York City based protest artist or artivist. She is an educator and singer who writes her own protest songs on subjects such as racial injustice and education.

New Yorkers sent a message to Donald Trump at a NYC protest... or at least to a bobblehead version of him.

The Daily News' Robert Dominguez went searching for spirits more than a decade ago at The Clemente in downtown Manhattan. Now he's going back, along with a pair of paranormal experts and two fellow Daily Newsers, to see if he can contact those same ghosts again.

CJ Draden takes comic book art to a new level and medium. Instead of canvas or paper he uses glass to do paintings of heroes and villains from your favorite comics and movies.

Lori Beth Denberg, Danny Tamberelli, Josh Server and Kel Mitchell, the cast of the popular 90s Nickelodeon sketch comedy show All That reunited at New York Comic Con prior to the launch of 'The Splat' a new channel that will air old Nick shows.