Originally published on Newsday.com (July 9, 2011)

The Skudin family doesn’t get together that often. So on Friday, when four brothers and their parents reunited for the first time in two years in Long Beach, they made sure to indulge in their favorite activity — sharing the gift of surfing.

David Skudin, 30, is a Hawaiian lifeguard; Woody, 20, is a student at Virginia Military Institute; and Cliff, 29, and Will, 26, have run Long Beach surf school Skudin Surf for the last four years.

Parents Dave and Beth brought their sons up as surfers. The family lived everywhere from Long Beach to Hawaii to North Carolina to Peru as Dave and Beth chased waves and taught the sport. It was a passion passed down by Beth’s parents, Dick and Marie Bolton, who taught surfing at Gilgo Beach and Long Beach.

“The school itself is Cliff and Will’s creation,” said Dave Skudin. “They had the passion for it growing up and they brought that passion into Long Beach.”

Next Wednesday, the school is sponsoring a class for the blind. They have also taught surf yoga, classes for children with disabilities and classes for injured soldiers.

“They help everyone who attempts being successful,” said Beth Skudin.

Cliff Skudin says surfing is an experience that he hopes leaves a lasting impression with the kids he teaches.

“Giving that feeling of surfing and sharing that with somebody else is something that’s an amazing thing,” he said. “Seeing the smile on their face, seeing those kids accomplish something is an awesome thing and a great thing to be a part of.”

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